Sweet Dreams

Last night I got my prescriptions filled at the local pharmacy. I was given a 3-week trial of Mefloquine for malaria to see if I would have any major side effects before I got a full year's supply. The good thing about that particular drug is that you only have to take it once per week. The bad thing is that it makes you freak out in your sleep. I really wanted to try it to see what kind of trip I could go on in my sleep, so I took the first one last night. It tasted really bad going down, but later on in the night, I would be left with an even worse taste in my mouth.

I had a dream that I was interviewing Hillary Clinton, but we were in a car, and she was driving. She kept driving past gardens and forests and nearly killed a cute little bunny rabbit. I wanted to get to doing the actual interview because I had a lot of serious questions to ask her, but we couldn't stop laughing at all of the hilarity that surrounded us. I never really figured out what that hilarity was, but I'm sure it was there somewhere. At one point, she drove past a Mexican and said to him in Spanish, "I hope you'll vote for me," and he said back, "Of course!" But then I got to thinking, no wonder Democrats are doing so lousy in presidential elections: they're only trying to win one vote at a time! What a stupid dream. I was hoping to dream about worms that sounded like sheep and cats and dogs getting along, but instead I had to dream about Hillary Clinton, and not even in sexual way. What a rip off.

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