The Real End Of The World

January 30, 2006
Day 124

This afternoon, after a morning of relaxation, I took a nap. Suddenly, John shook me awake. "We're going!" he exclaimed. "Come on, we only have half an hour." I knew what he meant right away: Antarctica. Earlier he had told me that he was going to search for tickets, but I didn't expect much.

There are only two ways to go Antarctica as a tourist: On a cruise or on an expedition. Going on an expedition requires you to be rich and crazy, and I'm not rich, so a cruise was my only option. I've never been on a cruise before, and they're probably not my favorite way to travel, but I figured it was worth a shot to try to get a last minute cruise deal as long as I was in Ushuaia.

It turned out that John had gone to ten different tour agencies in town, and the cheapest offer he could find was for nearly $4000. Frustrated, he was about to give up when he poked his head into one last tour agency. They had some cancellations, making a few places available for the cruise that leaves in a week, and they were offering a great deal for people who were already in Ushuaia. We ran to the office so they could enter my name into the computer in time. Now all I have to do is wait until tomorrow for a confirmation from the US and I'll be all set. While I was at the tour agency, I met a few other backpackers who signed up, so it should be a lot of fun if I can go.

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