Che's Place

March 8, 2006
Day 160

Picture of Che's Place.

One of Che Guevara's childhood homes.

I wanted to get out of the city for a bit, so today I took a bus to Alta Gracia, a small town about an hour away. Although it was a nice town with lots of big houses, my main reason for going there was to see one of Che Guevara's childhood homes, which had been converted into a museum in his name. Che's parents moved there when he was very young in hope of controlling his asthma via the dry climate.

The house itself was nothing special, but I did learn a lot about Che's life. He was born to a rich family and studied to be a doctor, but when he traveled around South America, he saw massive amounts of poverty and wanted to make some changes. His life changed when he met Fidel Castro. He was one of the main figures in taking over Cuba, and he spent the rest of his life being a revolutionary in other places. He was killed in Bolivia at a young age, giving him god-like status throughout South America. I don't agree with a lot of the stuff he did, but it has been interesting to see how much he gets worshiped here nonetheless.

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