Paraguay Might Work

April 26, 2006
Day 210

With thoughts of Brazil way behind me, I began to focus my efforts on Paraguay today. The consulate had a huge line again just like yesterday. This time, I went to the front where a police officer was directing people who were trying to enter. Eventually, I was able to push my way past everyone else and tell the cop that I was there to get a visa. He directed me inside to a much shorter line.

I had to fill out a form stating that I wasn't going to look for work in Paraguay, but no return ticket was required. I'll have to pay $65, which seems like a lot of money just to enter a country where I'll be spending my tourist dollars anyway, but at least it's cheaper and easier than Brazil. I had to leave my passport at the consulate until tomorrow, though. At least it's looking like I'll be able to go to a new country soon.

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