A Hot Savanna Walk

May 17, 2006
Day 231
NKM Adventure Day 8

As usual, we started our day before sunrise and began to walk back to Los Fierros. We would have liked to have started at around 3:00 AM so we could get through the savanna before the extreme heat set in. However, Candido strongly recommended against doing that because it would be too difficult for us to navigate our way through the thick jungle path in the darkness at the beginning of our walk.

When we got to the river, Candido went to town with his fishing once again and let us walk ahead of him. By the time he caught up, he had caught several large fish and couldn't have been happier. Later, he found a place where the river had dried up to a puddle which was teeming with stranded fish. He started pulling them out so quickly he didn't even remove them from the hook. They just flopped off onto the road. A grand feast would be in order for the night.

We got to the savanna in the middle of the day, just as the sun was beating down. Luckily, we each had several liters of water at our disposal. Vultures started circling, but we would have none of it. It was a tough few hours, but eventually we made it back into the jungle. An hour later, we were at Lost Fierros once again.

We weren't as lucky as last time at Los Fierros as the ranger came yesterday and turned off the gas and electricity so we had to light a fire to cook and use our flashlights to see. We still had clean running water, though. We combined our remaining rice with Candido's bounty of Fish and had a large dinner. I was too tired to do much else, though, so I basically just sat around and relaxed.

Incidentally, today was my birthday but I didn't even realize it until it was over. I hadn't been around a calendar for a long time and somehow I thought it was tomorrow.

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