A Head-Butt For The Ages

July 9, 2006
Day 284

Craig and Louise got into La Paz this morning, and we met at a backpacker bar called Oliver's Travels to watch the World Cup final between France and Italy. There were a few early goals, but after that, the game wasn't too interesting for me because I felt so run down with my cold. However, in the second overtime, Zidane laid down a head-butt that will be talked about for generations. What was he thinking? That was the single most interesting occurrence I had seen in a sporting event since beginning my trip.

We were going to do a trek tomorrow, but Craig and I both have head colds to deal with. The good news is that Craig's health problems that were plaguing him during the canoe trip a week ago seem to have dissipated. We'll get together tomorrow morning to see if doing the trek right away will be possible.

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