Resting Before The Big One

July 15-16, 2006
Day 290-291

I spent this weekend recovering from my blisters and my fallen toenail from last week's trek. Before I begin my long trip to Ecuador, Craig and I will do one last trek. It will start in Pelechuco, a full day's journey from La Paz, and end in Apolo, a remote jungle community. The 8-day trek will start in the mountains and continue through Madidi National Park, the most biodiverse national park in the world, deep in the Amazon basin. Not many people do this trek, so we will have to get a guide to show us the way and bring our machetes to hack away at the large amounts of vegetation covering the trail. The trek has seven river crossings, many of which don't have bridges, so we'll have to wade across them. Craig tried to do the trek last year, but the rivers were higher and none of the guides were willing to take him. It should be more manageable this year, though. This trek will be a great last challenge to end my trip.

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