Time To Sell The Canoes

July 3, 2006
Day 278

Patricia only had a few days before she had to head home, so she flew to Trinidad this morning. Craig and Louise decided to take the only other option, the “camioneta," a pickup truck that loads twelve lucky passengers in the bed and takes anywhere from six to twelve hours, depending on who you ask. I'll try to meet up with Craig and Louise in La Paz in a week or so.

A few of us walked down to the port today to try and drum up more interest in the canoes. We met a few more people who seemed interested, but nobody wanted to buy them for sure yet. I also tried to get some laundry done, but it didn't come back today as promised. Apparently, my clothes were too dirty and had to be washed several times. I can't imagine how that could happen. That made my decision to stick around town for another day an easy one. It's a nice place, but there's no Internet access, so I'd like to go soon.

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