Thinking About Home

August 3-4, 2006
Day 309-310

Not much happened for two days, and it was great. I got into a new book, Trapped by Greg Iles. It's a thriller that plays out like a cheesy action movie. Not the greatest of reading, but it's way better than the boring science fiction book I had last time. The book exchange I did turned out to be a steal.

I also met up with Robyn from Canada, who I had met in Huacachina, for a long lunch. We're going to go to the ancient Chimu ruins of Chan Chan tomorrow with her friend Fransisco from Mexico.

My travels have now slowed to almost a complete halt. I guess in my mind, I need to get used to not going on adventures for awhile because I'll be home so soon. In a way, I'm already partway there. Culturally, Peru is closer to America than Bolivia, and Ecuador will probably be closer still. Even geographically, every bus I get on takes me a little closer to home now. That may have been true before, too, but the buses really were just taking me to another adventure, not home. Now every bus goes toward home. And soon enough I'll be there.

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