Mvseo Bahí­a de Caráquez

October 27, 2006
Day 394

Picture of city.

The city of Bahí­a de Caráquez.

Today I went to the Mvseo Bahía de Caráquez, a large place that stands out against the rest of the city with its modern architecture. I joined a group of Ecuadorians who were being shown around by a very knowledgeable guide. There were lots of ancient artifacts, mainly carved out of stone, but also bigger exhibits like a full-scale balsa raft used for ocean fishing. Later, we saw a modern art gallery, and at the end of the tour, we went the roof to get a view of the city.

The road outside the museum was under construction, and little pieces of asphalt were stacked up in the median, which created a maze for traffic to try to navigate. The city has a lot of bicycle taxis, which cuts down on the noise and air pollution, and about two dozen yachts in its port, so its an attractive place to try and get over an illness. I feel better already.

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