Getting Info for Roraima

November 14, 2006
Day 412

We took a bus overnight last night to Boa Vista, in the far north of Brazil. From there, we caught another bus to the Venezuelan border and walked across. The border control station on the Venezuelan side was the nicest I had ever seen. It was new, clean, had air conditioning, and everyone was professionally dressed. There was no waiting in line, so getting my entry stamp in my passport was a piece of cake. Craig had some trouble getting into Brazil because he only had a Peruvian card proving that he had been vaccinated against yellow fever, but here they exchanged his card for an international one, so there shouldn't be any more problems in the future.

From the border in Venezuela, we caught a taxi to Santa Elena de Uraina, a small town with loads of tourists planning treks in the area. We got as much info about the Roraima trek as possible, but still will need to obtain more. Tours from town are expensive, and we have all of our own gear anyway, so going on one wouldn't make much sense. However, it's not clear whether we need to get a guide for the trek, and it appears that there isn't any public transportation to the park. Maybe we'll be able to go with a tour group but carry all of our own stuff, or maybe we'll find some other independent trekkers to go with us. We'll have to get more info tomorrow.

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