Kourou Carnaval Time

January 28, 2007
Day 487

Picture of girls.

The girls of Carnaval.

Today was carnaval time again in French Guiana. I went with Alina to see the parade, and her roommate Audry was participating in the African exhibit. We got to see everybody preparing to go before the parade started.

Some of the costumes were rather elaborate, but it wasn't quite the same experience as I saw in Argentina last year, or probably will see in Brazil later this year. Still, there were a lot of school kids marching, many beautiful women, and even a few cross-dressers.

The strangest thing of all was seeing the guys covered with mud running up and down the sides of the streets to try to keep people to the sides. I guess the theory was that nobody would attempt to touch the muddy men lest they become covered themselves.
Partway through the parade, Craig found me. He was just getting back from the island and was enjoying an eight Euro cheeseburger. Welcome back to the most expensive country in South America.

Kourou Caraval Photos

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