Recovering in Empty Salinopolis

February 7-9, 2007
Day 497-499

One day after my illness, I was already starting to feel better with the help of antibiotics, but I still wasn't 100%. A few people recommended Salinopolis to me as a fun place to visit, and it was only four hours away by bus, which is a tiny distance considering that Brazil is as big as the continental US. Supposedly, the place is packed with tourists and is full of beautiful beaches. I successfully made it to the bus station, despite being able to eat anything for breakfast.

When I got to Salinopolis, I walked down the main street in search of somewhere to stay. The first three hotels I passed were all closed, which I thought was curious. I saw almost nobody on the streets and began to wonder if I'd gotten off at the wrong spot. Wasn't this supposed to be a major tourist resort destination?

I was already running low on energy after walking for twenty minutes, so when I found a hotel that was open, I jumped at the opportunity. I asked for the dorm room, and was led to a completely empty area with two bedrooms, a stove, a refrigerator, my own bathroom, and even a television set. I agreed to stay there and figured I'd find out where the action was later.

Later I walked around town, and indeed there were lots of restaurants, hotels, and bars everywhere like you'd expect in any tourist town, but surprisingly, nearly all of them were closed. The only tourist I saw was a guy from Belem who, upon learning that I was American, only wanted to talk about Utah and Mormonism. I guess I came during the low season.

I knew I'd have to return to Belem before going anywhere else, and I was still unable to eat much, so I decided to relax in Salinopolis for a few days. It rained a lot, but I still managed to squeeze in enough time to see most of the empty city. At first I regretted coming here, but now I feel refreshed and ready to head to my next destination.

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