Thursday Crab Night

February 22, 2007
Day 512

Picture of Daniela.

Daniela with her crab.

Thursday nights are traditionally when the locals in Fortaleza go out to eat crab on the beach of Praia do Futuro. Tonight I went with Daniela and her daughter Lara to a nice restaurant which had an appropriate crab theme. Our first dish was shredded, fried crab meat served in a shell. Next, we had a plate of breaded crab claws. Both dishes were delicious. For our third and final plate, we had our work cut out for us. After the waiter made a visit to our table, three whole boiled crabs were staring our way. The food was good, but hardly worth the effort as it took a good fifteen minutes to pick apart each crab. My first Fortaleza crab night turned out to be a success, despite practically having burned more calories than I consumed.

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