Preparing for the Next Climb

July 1-2, 2007
Day 641-642

I originally wanted to climb Illimani, but I lost my ambitions after hearing about the number of deaths on the mountain. Several guides still tell me that it will be no problem if I go with them, and they probably are right, but I simply don't have the skills necessary to get myself out of a bad situation should one arise on a mountain like Illimani. I have too much respect for the mountain to attempt to climb it now.

Pedro, the Spanish firefighter I met on Huayna Potosi, was all set to go to the Condoriri mountain group, which is just on the other side of Huayna Potosi in the Cordillera Real. He was more than happy to have me join him and his guide Teo to reduce the price a bit. We're going to go for four days, camping in the same spot each night and possibly climbing two or three mountains. They aren't quite as high as Huayna Potosi, but they have a bit more technical climbing, and I think they'll be a suitable challenge for me before I leave Bolivia for the last time.

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