An Olinda Reunion

July 21-22, 2007
Day 661-662

Today I met up with Katie, a French girl I originally met through Couchsurfing back in Olinda, Brazil. She was traveling around with several of her fellow countrymen and happened to be passing through Cusco at the same time I was there. We got caught up and all of us went out for some laughs in Cusco's thriving, if freezing, nightlife.

I still haven't gotten any takers from my trekking offer. It's really frustrating because I spent two full days planning the entire trek, but I can't find anyone to go with me. On top of that, I've been sick lately, first with a head cold, then likely another bout with my old friend giardia. I've barely been able to eat anything the last few days, and tonight when I finally tried to force down some food, I had to excuse myself from the Frenchmen to empty the contents of my stomach and bowels. I've decided to take a short trip into the Sacred Valley while I'm recovering, then if I still don't have anyone to go with, I'll do the trek on my own.

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