The Pisac Ruins

July 25, 2007
Day 665

Picture of people.

Tina, me, Q, and Helen in front of an Inca tunnel.

Zach, Tina, Q, Helen and I all piled into a taxi before sunrise this morning and went to the Pisac ruins, far above the town. Nobody was there yet, including anyone checking for tickets. It was great walking around the ruins as the sun came up and not having to waste the little precious energy I had on walking from town. The houses, terraces, and urinals seemed incredibly well-preserved, but when I followed a flowing stream of water back to its source, I found a rubber hose. I don't think I was supposed to see that. My favorite part of the ruins was the door with the dish next to it for leaving your keys and cell phone when you came home. Those Incas were great future thinkers.

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