Two Long Boat Rides

September 23, 2007
Day 725

I took a boat back to Santa Cruz Island this morning. It was a rough ride again, but nobody got sick this time. I masochistically wanted to take another boat to Isabela Island this afternoon, so I spent a few hours hanging around the docks of Puerto Ayora. This being a Sunday, the entire town was devoid of any activity.

The ride to Isabela was my roughest yet. The boat began slamming up and down in the huge ocean swells the moment we left the port, and I swear a few times we got completely airborne. When we went over the especially large bumps, people started screaming and praying. I kept telling myself that the turbulence was normal and these boats go between the islands every day and don't sink. However, it was hard to believe it when I had to stare at the kid across from me who was constantly puking in the clear plastic bags the captain handed out.

We finally made it to Puerto Villamil after three long hours in the boat. As laid back as I thought Puerto Baquerizo Moreno was, Puerto Villamil was even more so. There were just a few hotels, some houses of the local fishermen, and some low-end restaurants. I found a place that offered camping, and when I got there, I saw that a bunch of large tents had already been set up in the yard. The price was the same whether I camped in their tent or used my own, so I opted to sleep on a large mattress and leave my tent in my backpack. A bunch of Israelis and some Americans were also camping out, and the place had a nice, family atmosphere.

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