Camping in the Valley

November 13, 2007
Day 776

Picture of palms.

The wax palms of the Valle de Cocora.

Aiana and I took a jeep uphill far above Salento to go camping in a place called the Valle de Cocora. The surrounding region was very beautiful with lush green cloud forest everywhere. The highlight of the area was the multitude of wax palms, which were supposedly the highest in the world. We walked around a bit and stared in awe at the hundreds of huge palm trees in the distance which were usually partially covered by thick plumes of fog. Every now and then a few cowboys rode by on their horses, but otherwise there weren't any people around, despite the fact that there were a few restaurants and a hotel. The mixture of a symbol of the tropics and the cold, damp weather gave the area an eerie feel, like we had stumbled back in time to a land long forgotten. Apparently all of the tourists visiting Salento had forgotten this place, too.

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