Smalltown Colombian Life

December 9-10, 2007
Days 802-803

El Cocuy National Park Trip Day 6-7

Picture of Rosita and son.

Rosita and her son.

I started my bus trip back to Bucaramanga, but met a girl named Rosita who invited me to visit her family in a small town called Tipacoque. It sounded like an interesting side trip, so I went along and hung out with her mom, son, sister, and nephews. The town had no Internet, only one TV channel, and almost no vehicles, but there was a nice swimming pool for entertainment. My reception was practically royal considering that almost no tourists had ever entered their town. The only sad thing was that a woman with liver cancer died when I was there, which put the whole town in a sad mood. So I got a slice of the local life, both good and bad.

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