Trendy Museums, Parks, and Hills

November 21-22, 2007
Days 784-785

Picture of gold.

A gold statue.

I went to the Gold Museum only to find out that they were closed for remodeling. That was tough for me because it was my main reason for staying in Bogotá. I found out that they had moved some of their collection to another location, but when I went there, I found out that they were closed on Tuesdays. Double Whammy.

The next day I went back, and it was still pretty impressive. There were a bunch of museums in one, so I got to learn about Colombia's old money and some artwork in addition to all seeing all of that sweet sweet gold.

I also went to the top of a large hill overlooking the city via cable car (this sounds familiar). At the top I met Judy and Ivan, who were accountants from Medellin on a quick holiday to Bogotá. After the hill, we went to Parque 93, which is a trendy park in the northern part of the city. We were chatting over a cup of coffee when a Colombian soap opera star walked in with a few of her friends. I was fascinated at how fascinated Judy was with the star, who just looked like a regular person to me. But I guess having people stare at you all the time is the price of fame, even in South America.

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