Crashing Columbus

Picture of Columbus Couch Surfers.

Me with my CS hosts and other guests.

I left the Turk Museum tired, but in a great mood. It was Friday night, and the first major night of the Columbus Couch Crash. For those of you who aren't familiar, a couch crash is an event that has grown in popularity over the last few years on The idea is that you invite couchsurfers from around the country (or indeed, the world) to visit your city for a long weekend of activities. I had never been to Columbus, so I figured, why not?

Columbus was a fun city, a university town like Madison, though a lot bigger. On the bike ride, I got to see some unique places, such as a park with a bunch of old buildings, graffiti, and an old theater. The city had an old, industrial feel, which was a good thing.

Picture of bunny and cat.

Liz's bunny and cat both like to eat plants.

The other highlight was the party on the replica of the Santa Maria. I knew a little about Columbus' first voyage to the New World, but walking around his ship really put into perspective how daring his journey was. Attempting to sail across an ocean to a new continent that may not have existed for all he knew took some cajones. It was really cool to have a few beers in the same space, or even a replica thereof.

Also, Liz was an awesome host. She was really welcoming all weekend and even cooked a couple of meals for me and the other guests. And she and her partner Newby were the first people I had met who were raising bunnies for food. I just hope they don't get too attached before, you know...

Photos from the 2012 Columbus Couch Crash.

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