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The isthmus

My friend Gary earned his pilot's license recently and has been looking for people to take to the sky. Him, Catalina, and I drove to the "other" Madison airport, which featured a fifties diner, lots of plush lounge chairs, small jets, and little single propeller planes. Someday when I have a private jet, this is how I'm always gonna fly.

The plane Gary rented for us was small, the interior of which was about the same size as a car's. As there were only three of us, there was still plenty of space. After getting some fuel and running some safety checks, we were in the air. We decided to go over Lake Wisconsin, Devil's Lake, and the Wisconsin Dells, the latter of which was packed with people going swimming and for the roller coasters. On the way back, we flew over downtown Madison, including the UW campus. Even despite nearly losing my lunch halfway through due to the bumpy flight, I had a great time. The view was as great as I imagined and I'm hoping to go with Gary to some more faraway destinations.

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