A St. Louis Masquerade Ball

Picture of arch.

A tall structure.

I went back to St. Louis for the second time this year to attend a friend's party. I got there a few days early, though, so I was able to do a lot of walking around the city's south side. Some of the highlights were the old churches, graffiti, and noticing that some fire hydrants were painted to show off the neighborhood.

Downtown provided a great learning opportunity as I had time to check out the old courthouse with lots of history including the room where a slave named Dred Scott was given his freedom. And of course the arch is always fun to check out, even on this, my fourth visit to the city.

Some folks from Madison met me in town and we went to the Botanical Gardens, which has to be one of the nicest in the country. The atrium of the main building features a Dale Chihuly glass sculpture that sets the tempo for the rest of the visit. There was a building with various spices and tropical plants, orchids, waterfalls, and Japanese gardens. But the highlight was being able to take a nap on the lawn under the warm December sun.

And the weekend culminated with a fancy masquerade ball, hosted by Stephen, whom we originally met at the Madison Couch Crash earlier this year. It was an all-around fun weekend and I will reiterate that St. Louis is definitely worth visiting, given the rather short drive from Madison.

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