A Quick Stop at Pictured Rocks

Picture of Kim.

Kim on her first ever sport lead.

By the time we finally fixed the flat tire after our Crestone Needle climb (see the video from my previous entry), the afternoon rain was upon us. Even as we drove into the valley, we could see that the storm wouldn't let up, so there would be nowhere we could reasonably expect to climb in southern Colorado. Instead, we made a brief stop in Denver to visit some of Kim's friends, then set out for an overnight drive toward Wisconsin.

We got to northeastern Iowa early in the morning and were only a few hours from home, so we decided to do some climbing at Pictured Rocks County Park in Monticello. None of us had been there, and it was refreshing to see a lush green forest amid the Iowan cornfields. Kim got in her first sport lead, Gokul climbed barefoot, and I struggled my way through a tough overhanging route. All in all, it was a fun day and I was glad to have gotten just a bit more climbing in on our long weekend trip.

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