Getting Outdoors in the North Woods

Picture of friends.

Snowshoeing on the lake.

After getting fattened up for Christmas, I took off with some friends on a road trip to northern Wisconsin. Our first stop was Nine Mile County Forest for some cross-country skiing. The park was beautiful, with well-groomed trails and nice weather. It was a great place to shake the rust off on my first day of skiing this season.

Next we headed up to Minocqua, where we stayed at my parents' cabin. We enjoyed many cups of tea, snowshoeing on the lake, and exploring the pristine wilderness. Our next day of skiing was at nearby Winter Park, one of Wisconsin's most popular. There was a huge network of trails, far too many for me to ski in one day. The main part of the park was packed with people enjoying their Saturday, but the trails furthest from the chalet still felt empty.

The only downside was that it was too warm. At just below freezing, the snow was melting and getting stuck to our skis, and we were overheating. Even so, the temperature was forecasted to plummet below zero Fahrenheit the next day. We left early in the morning for warmer weather in the northern reaches of Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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