Beijing Hutongs, Part III

On a crisp autumn afternoon, I went for another walk around Beijing's hutongs, this time near the Drum and Bell Towers. I really enjoy walking through these neighborhoods because they give a glimpse into traditional daily life in the modern capital city.

Here are some photos I took during my walk:

Picture of Drum Tower.

The original Drum Tower dates back to 1272, during Kublai Khan's reign. The current incarnation was built in 1420.

Picture of people.

Today people carry their own time-keeping devices.

Picture of man.

A man guards the Drum Tower's gate. The building is under construction.

Picture of soldier.

When I pointed my camera at this fake soldier, he pointed his fake gun at me.

Picture of bird man.

The man on the left trains birds. The man on the right is just curious.

Picture of bird.

One of the birds, attached to a nail by its breast.

Picture of electric meters.

Electricity is a welcome achievement in the hutongs.

Picture of ducks.

Roasting ducks, possibly for Peking duck, a local specialty.

Picture of biker.

A motorcycle delivery man.

Picture of rickshaw drivers.

These rickshaw drivers will show you around the neighborhood for a modest fee.

Picture of sign.

Happy officers give a Chinese warning.

Picture of bright houses.

New and old.

Picture of Hello Kitty.

The Hello Kitty car.

Picture of crumbling wall.

A crumbling facade.

Picture of rickshaw driver.

Another rickshaw driver.

Picture of janitor.

Those infamous public bathrooms don't clean themselves.

Picture of tiles.

Future roof tiles.

Picture of friends.

Friends taking a stroll through the neighborhood.

Picture of wheelchair.

The elderly are revered in China.

Picture of newspaper.

Time for a newspaper break.

Picture of sign.

“Must wear defence mask” is always sound advise.

Picture of sign.

Beer bottles stacked on a window sill.

Here's the complete photo set.

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