Xian's Muslim Quarter, Part I

Picture of street.

The main street in the Muslim Quarter. Check out the upside-down US flag.

Xian's Muslim Quarter is a fascinating place. Located in the heart of the city, pedestrians pour into the streets every night to buy food and to people-watch. Some vendors shout to get your attention, others blast music from outdoor speakers. Not many cars brave the streets, but plenty of rickshaws and motorcycles force their way through the crowds, honking their horns the entire time. It's a loud and brash environment, and the energy is intoxicating. Most tourists only come to Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors, but you should also take some time to walk through the Muslim Quarter.

Here are some of my photos:

Picture of shop.

Many of these shops line the streets.

Picture of vendor.

Another vendor.

Picture of shop.

And one more shop.

Picture of meat.

Chopping meat at the beginning of the night.

Picture of organs.

A wide variety of organs are for sale.

Picture of coal.

Coal is the predominant fuel for cooking.

Picture of coal.

They stack the coal on the ground and throw it in the cooker as needed.

Picture of meat.

There's a wide variety of meat for sale.

Picture of guy.

They blow on the meat to cool it off.

Picture of woman.

Xian is a meat-lover's paradise.

Picture of sticks.

Here's where you dispose of your sticks.

Picture of bread.

Bread for sale.

Picture of hammering.

These guys are hammering candy. You can see the final product to the left.

Picture of stretching.

Another candy maker. He's stretching his candy on a hook.

Picture of tomatoes and strawberries.

The red fruit guy.

Picture of pomegranate.

There are plenty of juice vendors, too. She's making pomegranate juice.

Picture of cotton candy.

Cotton candy is becoming popular.

Picture of fruit.

Pineapple and watermelon. They cut the pineapple in a spiral shape to remove the crunchy bits.

Picture of bell drum tower.

The Bell and Drum Towers are two of Xian's classic buildings. The Muslim Quarter is next door...

Picture of McDonald's.

...And next to that are the Golden Arches.

Here are some more of my Muslim Quarter photos.

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