A Stroll Through Yinchuan

After seeing the Genghis Khan Mausoleum, I left Inner Mongolia for Ninxia Hui, a small autonomous region in north-central China. My first stop was Yinchuan, Ninxia Hui's small capital, with a population of 800,000. Being a Chinese city, everything there seemed interesting to me, from a lake on the city's northwest side, to a smallish mosque, to a pedestrian shopping street. Here are a few photos from my stroll through Yinchuan:

Picture of train station.

The Yinchuan train station.

Picture of statue.

The things you see when you ride trains. In this case, a giant statue in the middle of nowhere.

Picture of Coliseum.

First stop in Yinchuan: A tribute to the Roman Coliseum.

Picture of Aloha.

Aloha, my new Taiwanese friend. That's his name; I'm not just saying hello.

Picture of lumberjack.

A sexy lumberjack.

Picture of Bell Tower.

Yinchuan's ancient Bell Tower.

Picture of cleaner.

This friendly street sweeper gave us directions to the Nanguan Mosque. But first, we had a long street to walk down.

Picture of family.

Proud parents of the coolest kid in the world.

Picture of man.

An old man playing a traditional Chinese instrument.

Picture of vendor.

This guy was selling hand-cut pop-up cards on the street.

Picture of man.

This man had no arms, yet he was painting beautiful calligraphy with his feet. What an inspiration he was.

Picture of artist.

This sketch artist had a whole crowd of people captivated.

Picture of yam vendor.

Sweet potatoes have to be one of the best bargain foods available in Chinese cities. For less than one dollar, you can get a large, delicious and nutritious meal.

Picture of cook.

This guy cooked us some “Chinese hamburgers” over an open flame.

Picture of kid.

Learning to ride with training wheels, under the watchful gaze of Chairman Mao.

Picture of game.

A ring toss game. You could win a rabbit, a chipmunk, a small bird or even a goldfish. Test your luck!

Picture of mosque.

After a lot of walking, we reached the Nanguan Mosque.

Picture of girls.

My new friends and tour guides.

Picture of mosque.

The ornate interior of the mosque.

Picture of mosque.

The mosque after sunset.

And here are some more photos from Ningxia Hui.

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