AtW Podcast, Episode 15: Honey Sherma

Picture of Dan and Honey.

Dan and Honey

My guest for this episode is Honey Sherma, from Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. He has traveled to every continent except Antarctica on cargo vessels. We discussed his life, both on the high seas, and in small towns in India. A large part of our conversation was focused on dhabas, those wonderful shops/guesthouses that always seem to pop up in the middle of nowhere in India. I like the concept of the dhaba, and the conversations that take place in them, so much that I even considered changing the name of this podcast to “Chai and Chat with Dan”.

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Picture of cows.

Here's Moomoo with her mommie outside of our hotel room.

Picture of pass.

Second-highest pass in the world.

Picture of dhaba.

A dhaba on the way to Leh.

Picture of dhaba.

Inside a dhaba.

Honey has a website called Manali Pass, from which you can get exclusive offers on attractions in and around Manali, India.

Show Notes:

  • The south slope of Cayambe crosses the equator at 4690 meters (15,387 feet). This is the only point on the equator with snow cover. Here's some more info about Cayambe.
  • Here's a link to the Captain Phillips movie that Honey mentioned. Now I have something new to watch.
  • The new Panama Canal expansion just opened in June. Construction cost $5 billion and took a decade to complete.
  • The status of the proposed Nicaragua Canal is in doubt. Construction has yet to begin.
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