Biking around Beautiful Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake: Picture of Katie.

Katie, with our bikes.

At the end of our disastrous bike trip through Yunnan (read more about it here), Katie and I had one last day to spend around Dali's old town. We decided to rent a bike and pedal around nearby Erhai (洱海) Lake. Shaped like an ear (“Erhai” means “ear-shaped sea”) and at 1,972 meters (6,470 feet) above sea level, the lake is the second-largest highland lake in all of China.

We had a great day of riding along the shore, through many crowded towns full of cars trying to squeeze through narrow roads. Along the way we ate lake fish for lunch and found an interesting dragon festival in a small village. The next day we rode a train for seven hours to the big city of Kunming, from which Katie flew back to Beijing and I took another train for 33 hours. Just 'cuz.

The best part of our day at Erhai Lake: no broken chains. Here are some photos:

Erhai Lake: Picture of workers and mountains.

There were many fields like this one, with ubiquitous mountains in the background.

Erhai Lake: Picture of Katie next to her bike.


Erhai Lake: Picture of wedding photography at Erhai Lake.

The lake is a popular place for wedding photography.

Erhai Lake: Picture of dragon performers.

This group was preparing for a performance.

Erhai Lake: Picture of dragon dancer.

The dragon dance begins.

Erhai Lake: Picture of curious girl.

One of the young performers.

Erhai Lake: Picture of tea drinker.

Tea time.

Erhai Lake: Picture of dancer. Erhai Lake: Picture of onlooker.

An onlooker.

Picture of dragon dancer. Picture of Katie and old radio guy.

This guy was having a fun time with his radio.

Picture of temple.

We found this temple along the way.

Picture of field.

A field at sunset.

Picture of Katie on her bike.

On our way back to Dali.

Picture of rapeseed field.

A rapeseed field.

More photos from our Erhai Lake trip

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