Photos from Finland (and Estonia)

Finland: Picture of Fei, Tapani, Katie on ferry.

Fei, Tapani, Katie and I leaving Finland by boat.

After leaving Iceland, Katie and I went to Finland for about a week. We spent most of our time visiting our friends Fei and Tapani, as well their daughter and Fei's parents. We managed to pack in many small adventures in Helsinki, including taking a ferry to an island that was once a fortress, sampling some of the country's best micro-brews, and making several trips to the sauna. We also spent three days bicycling around Turku (Finland's old capital), and we even squeezed in a day trip to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

We had a great time on this introduction to our yearlong journey. Finland is a lovely country in northern Europe, with landscapes full of rolling hills, tall pines, and long summer days. And of course, there was also plenty of great company.

Here are some photos from our trip to Finland and Tallinn:

Finland: Picture of ferry to Suomenlinna.

Riding the ferry to Suomenlinna, a small island off of the coast of Helsinki.

Finland: Picture of dry dock.

This was once the largest dry dock in the world.

Finland: Picture of fort.

The fort on Suomenlinna.

Finland: Picture of wheat field.

A wheat field near Turku.

Finland: Picture of Dan eating a strawberry.

We ate farm fresh strawberries during our bike ride.

Finland: Picture of farmland.

Red barns and rolling hills – are we in Wisconsin?

Finland: Picture of Hanka shelter.

We slept in Hanka's shelter while waiting for the ferry.

Finland: Picture of Baltic Sea.

It looks like a lake, but this is actually the Baltic Sea.

Finland: Picture of big ferry.

Here's the big ferry we had to wait overnight for.

Finland: Picture of small ferry.

We also got to take a few of these smaller ferries.

Finland: Picture of dragonfly.

This dragonfly landed on Katie's backpack strap. It must be good luck, right?

Finland: Picture of village.

Lenin hid somewhere in this village.

Finland: Picture of St. Olaf's in Tallinn.

The view from the top deck of St. Olaf's church.

Finland: Picture of short doorway.

People sure were shorter back then.

Finland: Picture of Katie with map.

Where to next?

Finland: Picture of square in Tallinn.

The town square in Tallinn.

Finland: Picture of suit of armor.

There were a lot of cool suits of armor in Tallinn.

Finland: Picture of Tallinn Ferry.

Here's the ferry we rode to Tallinn and back.

For more of my photos from Finland and Estonia, click:

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