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A Pilgrimage Around Shikoku

Picture of Dan and Philippe on our pilgrimage.

Philippe and I make a pilgrimage to Shanghai.

I met Philippe Hanin on a ferry from Osaka, Japan to Shanghai, China. He recently finished a nearly two-month pilgrimage, during which he walked to all 88 of Shikoku's temples that are associated with the Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi.

Also, my next book, 1000 Days Between, Part 2 will be available on December 8. Get ready!

And now, for this week's show:

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Show Notes:

  • Here's a listing of all 88 temples along the Shikoku Pilgrimage. And here you can find a map of the pilgrimage and the temples.
  • The population of Hangzhou, that “city near Shanghai” where the American basketball players were recently arrested for shoplifting, is 9.2 million (21.5 million in the metro area). New York has a population of 8.5 million (23.7 million metro).
  • This ia a bit dated but keep an eye on it. At some point, US citizens could need a visa to travel to Europe because we are not honoring our agreement to allow visa-free travel to the US for all EU citizens.
  • I think this one is more likely to happen. If you are from one of the nine states that doesn't comply with the Real ID act, you'll need a passport to fly domestically, starting on January 22, 2018.

Bicycling Around Japan

Picture of Katie in Japan.
On this episode, my wife Katie and I talk about our journey thus far bicycling around Japan. We give you all of the highs and lows of our trip.

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Picture of hanger.

Here's the broken part on Katie's bike, welded together.

For more photos of the abandoned building and the process of fixing the bike, click here.

Picture of new hanger.

Here's the new hanger that arrived in the mail two days later.

Picture of guys.

This kind man put us up in his spare home for two days while waiting for the new part to arrive.

Picture of Katie and Dan drinking.

A drink to celebrate!

For more photos from Zentsuji, where we were “stuck” for two days, click here.

Around the World #63: Ross and Theresa

Yoga: Picture of Dan, Theresa and Ross.
My guests today are Ross and Theresa. They met several years ago in Beijing, China. They fell in love, traveled the world for two and a half years, got married, and had two kids. Pretty much in that order. During the show we discussed all of this, as well as their love of yoga, and the "Yoganda" project, which teaches widowed women in Uganda to make yoga mat bags.

Theresa is the founder of Taozi Tree Yoga. If you are interested in attending one of her yoga classes in Beijing, there is a link to her Wechat account at the bottom of her website.

Theresa also has set up a fundraiser for The Yoganda Project. Thanks for checking it out!

And now for this week's show:

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