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AI and Sunburn with Ondrej and Nina

Sunburn: Picture of Ondrej Nina and Dan.

Ondrej, Nina and I are trying to avoid sunburn.

I met Ondrej and Nina at a guesthouse near the southernmost point of Sri Lanka. They both have become obsessed with surfing, so that factored into a large part of our discussion. And, I must admit, the beach we were staying on was perfect for beginner surfers. If only we could avoid the sunburn, we might still be there.

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Show Notes:

  • The earthquake that caused the 2004 tsunami happened at 6:30 AM in Sri Lanka, and the actual tsunami hit two hours later. It killed upwards of 280,000 people, including 35,000 in Sri Lanka. Aldo, the Italian man I met on the Amazon, told me that he had gotten up early that morning to go for a walk. He survived by clinging to a tree. Several people in his hotel were still sleeping and were killed when the tsunami struck.
  • Ondrej mentioned a book called Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari. You can find a copy by following the link.
  • Since we talked about sunburns, I thought I would include a link to some of the most painful sunburns ever.

AtW #72: Chris Hunter

Picture of Chris and Dan.

Chris and Dan, hanging out in Kandy.

I met Chris Hunter in a hostel dorm room in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Chris has lived in Berlin for most of his life, though he also spent five years in India and several years in San Francisco during his youth. Needless to say, he's an experienced traveler, full of knowledge. We discussed some of the places he knows well, and some of the ways in which travel has changed during his life.

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* * *

Show Notes:

Think you're taking unique travel photos on the road? Think again!

And finally, I bring you a dog with dyed red fur:

Picture of dog with dyed red fur.

Philippines in Review

Picture of horse in Vigan, Philippines.

From Vigan, in the Philippines.

In this episode, Katie and I talk about our six weeks (or so) in the Philippines, with a bonus of traveling to Bangkok for a job fair.

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Here are a few of my photos from the Philippines:

Picture of tarsier.

A Philippine tarsier, from Bohol island.

Picture of Jagna sunset.

Sunset from Jagna, Bohol.

Picture of Vigan at night.

Vigan's central square at night.

Picture of hanging coffins.

The hanging coffins at Sagada.

Picture of man at Sinulog.

A man dancing at the Sinulog festival.

Picture of queen of Sinulog.

The queen of Sinulog.

Picture of man at Sinulog.

This guy really wanted his picture taken.

Picture of Lepaks and Perry.

A family shot at Puerto Princesa.

Picture of Sunset at Corong Corong.

Sunset at Corong Corong.