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Author's Note

This book is my story, told from my point of view. I didn't end poverty, stop wars or break records, but I still think it's a tale worth telling.

All of the people and places mentioned in this book are real. That said, you should know about some alterations I made:

  • I changed a few of the characters' names and/or identifying characteristics.
  • I recreated the conversations from memory. They are not exact transcripts.
  • This book does not include everyone I met or everything I did. For brevity, I omitted many characters, places and events.
  • When I use italics in dialog, it indicates that the character is speaking Spanish, or on a few occasions, Portuguese.
  • I express my thoughts often in this book. Sometimes I write “I thought:” and sometimes I simply put my thoughts into italics. I decided to use both conventions in order to make the story more readable.

While reading the sample, please keep this in mind:

  • Even though the contents of 1000 Days Between are on this website, they still fall under copyright law. Go ahead and link to this page, but you are NOT allowed to copy any text without my permission. Please respect the years of hard work I have put into writing this book.
  • The sample chapters do not fall under any Creative Commons license, including the one that governs the rest of this website.
  • The e-book version of 1000 Days Between does not contain any images. For your convenience, the images from the book are available here.
  • If you want to learn more about 1000 Days Between, you can subscribe to get updates.


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