My travels through Argentina.

Back In BA

April 7, 2006
Day 191

This was a day of preparations for Andrea's upcoming visit. I said goodbye to Julita in the morning and took a bus back to Buenos Aires. Most of the afternoon was spent searching for hostels for us to stay in. Most of the places I like didn't have much… Read More »

Life In La Plata

April 4-6, 2006
Day 188-190

For the last few days, I've been staying with Julita. It's been nice because I've done a lot of hanging out with her friends. I don't feel like such a tourist when there are no foreigners around besides myself. Together we've gone to some parks, drank mate, played pool,… Read More »

Couchsurfing In La Plata

April 3, 2006
Day 187

Last night I took an overnight bus to La Plata, which is about an hour south of Buenos Aires. I'm staying with Juliana, who I originally met back in Vina del Mar, Chile in December when we were both couchsurfing in the same place. I slept most of the… Read More »

National Park

April 2, 2006
Day 186

Leyana, an Argentine I met yesterday, Ben, from Washington DC, and I all wanted to go to the national park near San Luis. It would be very difficult to access with public transportation, so we agreed to go with another Argentine couple in their car and pay them gas… Read More »

A Gold Mine

April 1, 2006
Day 185

Today I took a bus with Leyana from Buenos Aires to a small town about two hours from San Luis. Our first stop was to a giant cave used by native peoples over 7000 years ago. Next, we drove by some beautiful rocky landscape and stopped at several of… Read More »

A Waterfall, A View, And A Monastery

March 31, 2006
Day 184

This was a long day of walking. First, I took a bus to Potrero de los Funes, a small town near San Luis. My main goal was to see a waterfall that looked impressive in the brochures I saw last night.

I took a path that ran somewhat parallel… Read More »

On To San Luis

March 30, 2006
Day 183

It was time to leave town today. Everything I needed to get taken care of for my insurance was done. The waiting game had begun. I said goodbye to Kristian and Wendy and headed to the bus station.

My next stop was San Luis, just a few hours east… Read More »


March 29, 2006
Day 182

Today I learned about a game of Ultimate that was being played in town. I met up with Kristian, Wendy, and several of their fellow students this afternoon at one of the university's large soccer fields for the game. It wasn't very organized, but it still was a lot… Read More »

Sorting Things Out

March 27-28, 2006
Day 180-181

After getting all of my most valuable possessions stolen from me by thugs with guns, I had to spend a few days sorting everything out. First, I went back to the police station with Kristian. They gave me a final copy of the police report, but it wasn't a… Read More »


March 26, 2006
Day 179

This was the day I dreaded, the one I hoped would never happen. But it did.

The Day

Before today, things were going really well. I made a lot of new friends, and we had a great time together. I also met up with some old friends, and they… Read More »