A trip down the Mamoré from Trinidad to Santa Ana, Bolivia with ten people in two dugout canoes.

Mamoré Canoe Trip Day 1

June 24, 2006
Day 269

We loaded up all of our gear onto a local bus early today and we all drove to the canoes together. I went with Craig, Louise, Patricia, Hugh, and Rachael in the new canoe, and the others continued to the main river to get their canoe. There was plenty… Read More »

Support Tourism in Bolivia!

June 23, 2006
Day 268

Desperate for a canoe, I went with the others once again today to the ports outside of town. We had one option to buy a canoe, but it wasn't a good one because the canoe for sale had a huge hole in it. The owner said that he was… Read More »

The Search Continues

June 22, 2006
Day 267

Several of us went to search for canoes again today. We started going door-to-door asking if anyone had an extra canoe to sell, but got no hits. Going to peoples' houses was an interesting experience in itself. One guy was busy planing wood to make a bow, and another… Read More »

One Down, One to Go

June 21, 2006
Day 266

Several of us got together today to do a thorough search for canoes. Before we even left town, the guy at the micro bus station told us of one that was for sale. We went straight to Puerto Varador to talk to the owner. He was a local from… Read More »

Meeting the Crew

June 20, 2006
Day 265

Craig showed up in Trinidad late this afternoon with Louise from England and Patricia from Switzerland. They had to take a bus from La Paz for twenty hours to some little town, sleep a few hours at the bus station, then take another bus for nine hours to Trinidad… Read More »