I climbed Huayna Potosí for the second time June 30, 2007.

A Beautiful Climb (Again)

June 30, 2007
Day 640
Huayna Potosi Climb Part II Day 3

I got up at 1:00 AM along with everyone else at high camp and quietly started preparing to leave. I rented all of my climbing gear, but there was still a question of whether I'd be warm enough in the -10… Read More »

Relaxing Before the Summit Attempt

June 29, 2007
Day 639
Huayna Potosi Climb Part II Day 2

This morning, Nicolas went back to La Paz with some people coming back from their summit attempts. The first few people coming down had made it to the top, but they said that many others gave up when they saw the… Read More »

A Disasterous Beginning

June 28, 2007
Day 638
Huayna Potosi Climb Part II Day 1

Miguel was a mountain guide who was going to drive in my hostel's car with two clients to Huayna Potosi. He said there would be enough room Nicolas and I in the car, and agreed to take us along for a… Read More »