A four-day trek to a glacial lagoon at 5000 meters.

Down to Sorata, Up to La Paz

June 16, 2007
Day 626
Laguna Glaciar Trek Day 4

We got up at dawn again, had breakfast, and took down camp. The walk back to Sorata only took about two hours, and we passed many farming communities along the way. In many remote locations, kids in such villages would ask what my… Read More »

Lateral Walking

June 15, 2007
Day 625
Laguna Glaciar Trek Day 3

Last night was bitterly cold, much colder than the night before. I stayed in my tent for over ten hours, but probably only slept five because I was too busy shivering most of the night. My whole tent was covered in frost in… Read More »

Laguna Glaciar Walk

June 14, 2007
Day 624
Laguna Glaciar Trek Day 2

We got up at dawn today, ate breakfast, and got ready to walk. We would be returning to the same campsite later tonight, so there was no need to take down camp. As an additional courtesy, Alvaro's friend came up to the campsite… Read More »

Walking to Laguna Chilata

June 13, 2007
Day 623
Laguna Glaciar Trek Day 1

We got started a little late this morning for some unexplained reason (maybe "It's Bolivia" will suffice), but later we were able to buy all the food we needed at the market. Next we met our guide Olando and walked uphill to the… Read More »

Still Looking for Trekkers

June 12, 2007
Day 622

I didn't want to head right back to La Paz so I decided to rest a day in hopes of finding some trekking partners. It was a good thing, too, because I was feeling pretty sore after yesterday's extra-long walk. Sorata is surrounded by beautiful scenery, but unfortunately there's… Read More »