A two-week paddling down the Río Iténez (aka Guapore) from Remanso to Versalles, Bolivia.

A Great Establishment

May 25, 2006
Day 239
Remanso to Versalles Canoe Trip Day 6

For a change of pace, we started our third day of canoing at sunrise. A few hours later, we pulled up to a small settlement on the Brazilian side. The owner and only resident told us that we'd see an estancia… Read More »

Animals Galore

May 24, 2006
Day 238
Remanso to Versalles Canoe Trip Day 5

The next town on our map of the river was Santa Cruz, on the Brazilian side. It looked like it would take all day to get there, so we left as soon as there was enough daylight to see the river.… Read More »

A Leaky Beginning

May 23, 2006
Day 237
Remanso to Versalles Canoe Trip Day 4

The canoe was moved to the town's jetty for us early this morning. We paid for it, loaded up all our supplies, and took off. Remanso was a nice town for us to visit. By the time we left, everyone knew… Read More »

Preparing Our Canoe Trip

May 22, 2006
Day 236
Remanso to Versalles Canoe Trip Day 3

We started putting the word out on the street that we wanted to buy a canoe as soon as we got here, and people started delivering today. We looked at a couple this morning that were nice, but far too small… Read More »

Of Biblical Proportions

May 21, 2006
Day 235
Remanso to Versalles Canoe Trip Day 2

A torrential downpour struck Remanso last night. It didn't let up in the day much, either. We had no choice but to put our plans on hold. Supposedly this is the dry season and it's not normal to have any rain… Read More »

Stuck In The Mud

May 20, 2006
Day 234
Remanso to Versalles Canoe Trip Day 1

The road we were on was inaccessible due to rain for nine months out of the year. In fact, when we rode the same bus last week, it was the first time all year the driver was able to complete the… Read More »