My 4-day tour of the salt flat and other natural wonders surrounding Uyuni in Bolivia.

Salt Flats Tour Day 4

November 20, 2005
Day 53

We were in no rush today. We only had about five hour left, including all of the stops for the day, so we got to sleep late, eat breakfast, and throw the Frisbee around some more before taking off. I began to see why going all the way back… Read More »

Salt Flats Tour Day 3

November 19, 2005
Day 52

It was still completely dark outside when we got up today at 4:00 AM. Actually, everyone else got up at 4:00, but I just laid in bed for twenty minutes saying, "I hate mornings. I can't believe I'm paying for this." Somehow, we still managed to leave at about… Read More »

Salt Flats Tour Day 2

November 18, 2005
Day 51

We got up early this morning, had a small breakfast, and started driving. Our first stop of the day was Volcan Ollague, an active volcano looming in the distance across the Chilean border. Next, we went to a series of lagoons. Every lagoon… Read More »

Salt Flats Tour Day 1

November 17, 2005
Day 50

I knew that I was about to start a four-day trip in which I would have no contact with the outside world, so this morning I attempted to use the Internet before I left. I found out that it costs three times as much as normal here, and it… Read More »