A three-day solo trek from the mountains to the yungas.

A Confusing Return to La Paz

June 22, 2007
Day 632

Today was highlighted by confusing and bad advice. I wanted to go back to La Paz, and everyone I talked to told me a different story about the bus situation. The lady at my hotel told me that there was a bus at noon, and to take it I… Read More »

An Ugly Dredge Mine

June 21, 2007
Day 631
Taquesi Trek Day 3

For once I wasn't freezing all night. I actually found it easy to leave my sleeping bag when dawn finally broke. I started the day by walking about an hour uphill to the horribly ugly town of Chojlla, which was built… Read More »

From the Mountains to the Yungas

June 20, 2007
Day 630
Taquesi Trek Day 2

Last night was bitterly cold. I slept in all of my clothes in my sleeping bag, but I was still cold. I emptied my backpack and put my legs inside, but it didn't help much. This being the tropics, the nights are always about… Read More »

Walking to an Old Mine

June 19, 2007
Day 629
Taquesi Trek Day 1

I got up early today and walked to my supposed departure point as soon as it was light enough to do so. To my delight, there were actually several buses at the intersection, and one of them was even going to Ventilla. The bus… Read More »

Preparations for the Next Trek

June 17-18, 2007
Day 627-628

I decided that my next trek would be the Taquesi Trail, a three-day trek that goes from the mountains to the yungas. I still couldn't find anyone interested in going with me, so I'm going to go alone. I bought food, fuel, a topographical map of the region, and… Read More »