My travels through Brazil.

One More Brazilian Bus Ride

April 23, 2007
Day 572

I got another bus that took most of the day to Corumba. The bus took me right through the vast wetland area known as the Pantanal. It was a beautiful ride being in the middle of nowhere after spending the last few weeks in the city, and it was… Read More »

Long Bus to Campo Grande

April 22, 2007
Day 571

I rode a bus all night and most of the day to Campo Grande, a small city in Brazil's interior. I wanted to continue to my next destination right away, but the bus ride was too exhausting, so I stayed overnight one night.

Hanging out in Sao Paulo

April 20-21, 2007
Day 569-570

I spent a couple more days in Sao Paulo, mainly meeting people at my hostel, getting another traditional Paulista lunch with Vivi and Silvia, and going to the MASP, which is a museum containing the biggest collection of western art in South America. There's not a lot of touristy… Read More »


April 19, 2007
Day 568

I met Silvia at her office today. She's a biologist, so I got to see the labs she works in. It was quite interesting for me to see rat hearts being embedded in wax, sliced up, and analyzed for diabetes research.

Later I went to a big park with… Read More »

One Massive City

April 18, 2007
Day 567

I took the bus into downtown Sao Paulo today. I thought Rio de Janeiro was a huge city but Sao Paulo is twice as big. Everywhere I walked, there were masses of people hurrying to get somewhere. Unlike Rio, Sao Paulo doesn't have any mountains, oceanfront, or forests within… Read More »

Brazilian Sushi

April 17, 2007
Day 566

Today I took the bus to Sao Paulo, the largest city in South America. A bus leaves from Rio to Sao Paulo every fifteen minutes, so it was pretty easy to find one. The drive was mostly populated with small cities constantly dotting the landscape. However, there were a… Read More »

Hanging out in Rio

April 15-16, 2007
Day 564-565

I spent my last days in Rio on the beaches of Leblon and Ipanema. Francisco has many friends and family members in Rio, so he introduced me to a bunch of them. He was a gracious host and I appreciate him letting me stay at his plays while I… Read More »

Downtown Rio

April 14, 2007
Day 563

The subway in Rio is meant to be a great way to get around, but the problem is that it only covers a small portion of the city. Leblon is far away from where the subway line ends, so until today I had never gotten a chance to use… Read More »

Saying Goodbye

April 12, 2007
Day 561

It was time to go back to the mainland. We had a great time on the big island, a tropical paradise full of amazing beaches, but my parents had to catch their flight back to the US today. The first step was to take the ferry back to Angra… Read More »