A three-day trek through one of Brazil’s best national parks.

Walking to the Top of the Waterfall

March 20, 2007
Day 538
Chapada Diamantina Trek Day 3

The crew looked pretty exhausted again this morning. This was the last day of our trek and I think most were glad it was almost over.

We started going uphill as soon as we left camp. Everyone saw how high that waterfall was… Read More »

Sleeping in Caves Sounds Great Until You Actually Do It

March 19, 2007
Day 537

Chapada Diamantina Trek Day 2

We were supposed to leave at 8:00 this morning, so I got up at 7:00 in anticipation. Frequent camping on this trip has put me in the routine of getting up, putting away my sleeping bag and mattress, cooking and eating breakfast, cleaning my… Read More »

Trekking Through Chapada Diamantina

March 18, 2007
Day 536

Chapada Diamantina Trek Day 1

I got up plenty early today to ensure I'd be able to meet the group at the designated time of 8:30. Things were a bit out of order when Pierre, Omer, and I got there. The guide who said he'd take us suddenly said… Read More »

Preparing for Trekking

March 17, 2007
Day 535

The bus arrived at 5:00 AM at Lencois today and sure enough, there were ten guys trying to get me to go to their hotels before I even got off the bus. My options were significantly narrowed as soon as I indicated that i preferred camping, and soon I… Read More »