My trip from Colombia to Panama involved several boats, a bit of walking, and a short flight.

Traveling with the Family Circus

February 4, 2008
Day 859

Crossing the Gap, Day 5

I spent the morning with the Italians waiting to see if the mysterious plane would show up. The two boys were brothers who had been working around Central America and Colombia for the last two years as street performers. Among their luggage was a… Read More »

The Waiting Game

February 3, 2008
Day 858

Crossing the Gap, Day 4

The day started off smoothly when the immigration office was actually open and I was able to get my passport stamped. The officer needed to make a copy of my passport, so he made a kid go to the back room to turn on… Read More »

Crossing to Panama

February 2, 2008
Day 857
Crossing the Gap, Day 3

I got up early and promptly began waiting for a boat. Nobody seemed to know when one would leave, but they assured me the a boat would indeed be going north to Sapzurro at some point. Eventually I got the ride I was… Read More »

A Butt-Breaking Boat

February 1, 2008
Day 856

Crossing the Gap, Day 2

The boat was crowded and left early. When I jumped on board, everyone was already wearing a life jacket, and in a place that's normally so cavalier about safety precautions, I knew it was going to be a bumpy one. When we were slowly… Read More »

One Last Bus Ride

January 31, 2008
Day 855

Crossing the Gap, Day 1

It was finally time to leave South America. My first step was to take a bus from Medellin, the big mountainous city in the center of the country, to Turbo, a small port on the Caribbean coast. The bus started along the same road… Read More »