My travels in Guyana.

Another Day in Siparuta

December 29, 2006
Day 457

Bamboo Raft Experiment Day 4

We spent another full day in Siparuta. A lot of interesting people came and talked to us, including the captain (mayor) of the village. One guy invited us to go fishing with him in his boat in the afternoon, but he didn't show up.… Read More »

Large Guyanese Piranha

December 28, 2006
Day 456

Bamboo Raft Experiment Day 3

We awoke in the small Guyanese village of Siparuta. We learned that there would be a boat passing in the middle of the night, so we spent the day chilling out. It's a picturesque place with lots of mangoes and cashews… Read More »

Lots of Patient Waiting

December 19, 2006
Day 447

Craig and I took off at the crack of dawn this morning. We managed to get on a minibus right away, then a ferry and another bus to the Corentine River, which borders Guyana and Suriname. We waited in line 45 minutes to buy a ticket for the ferry… Read More »

Avoiding Getting Whacked

December 16-18 2006
Day 444-446

My only reason for going to Georgetown was to get a visa to enter Suriname. I got into town on a Friday night, however, so I'd have to stay a few days until the embassy opened. In the meantime, I checked out St. George's Cathedral, which… Read More »

From One Jungle to Another

December 15 2006
Day 443

Kaieteur Trek Day 8

A boat left early this morning for Pamela. We walked halfway back to Mahdia before a truck came and took us the rest of the way. We picked up the rest of our gear from the hotel and waited with Sally for a truck. It… Read More »

Our Ride Shows Up

December 14 2006
Day 442

Kaieteur Trek Day 7

After breakfast this morning, we took inventory. A couple onions, no potatoes, enough porridge for one small breakfast, noodles and rice for a few bland meals, and almost no fuel to cook with. On top of that, we had almost no cash due to Guyana's… Read More »

The Raft that Didn't Float

December 13, 2006
Day 441

Kaieteur Trek Day 6

Craig had been talking up the idea of building a raft for awhile, so I figured what the heck, I'll give it a shot. Our first task was to find wood. A few large logs were scattered here and there, and we got some more… Read More »

Another Rainy Viewing

December 12, 2006
Day 440

Kaieteur Trek Day 5

I walked to the top of the falls bright and early today, but it started raining again when I was near the top. Sally and Diego safely made it last night, so we spent awhile looking at the rainy falls again. We also walked over… Read More »

Up to the Falls

December 11, 2006
Day 439

Kaieteur Trek Day 4

Craig and I got up early, ate a big breakfast, and walked to the top of the falls. For the first time, the path was actually in good condition and was easy to follow. It was foggy and raining heavily all morning, but we still… Read More »

Finally to Base Camp

December 10, 2006
Day 438

Kaieteur Trek Day 3

The rain finally stopped sometime before sunrise, so were able to break camp in somewhat dry conditions today. We made our way through some more difficult terrain and got to Wartok Falls after about an hour of walking. Craig, Sally, and I relaxed on the… Read More »