A 4-day boat trip up the Río Paraguay in Paraguay.

A Rechid Day

May 5, 2006
Day 219

The ship pulled into Bahia Negra early this morning. Craig and I got off right away, but activity continued around the ship all day. It became a market of sorts as eager townsfolk boarded to buy their much-needed fruits and vegetables from the vendors.

Our first task for today… Read More »

Río Paraguay Boat Trip, Day 2

May 3, 2006
Day 217

We woke up at sunrise today, but it wasn't ridiculously early. Everyone went to bed shortly after dark, and the nights last 13 hours this time of year, so despite being woken up several times throughout the night, we got enough sleep. Jan slept in the hammock next to… Read More »

Rí­o Paraguay Boat Trip, Day 1

May 2, 2006
Day 216

I got up early this morning hoping to find Craig and/or get on the boat heading up the Rio Paraguay. My only idea to find Craig was to hope that he would email me first thing to let me know where he was. I found out that the boat… Read More »