My travels through the world superpower of Uruguay.

Time To Get Out Of Here

April 22, 2006
Day 206

Today ended my short stint in Uruguay as I headed back to Buenos Aires. First I had to take a bus to Colonia, then a ferry back to Tigre in Argentina, then another bus to Buenos Aires. Just like the trip into Uruguay, it was long… Read More »

Punta del Este

April 21, 2006
Day 205

It was nice and sunny today, so I decided to go to Punta del Este as planned. My day started off really nicely when I was on a city bus on my way to the bus station in Montevideo. A guy got on the bus with a guitar. There's… Read More »

Rainy Day

April 20, 2006
Day 204

Today I wanted to head off to Punta del Este, a beach resort a few hours from Montevideo. On my way to the bus station, however, it started to drizzle. Drizzle turned into rain, which turned into a torrential downpour. By the time I got to the bus station,… Read More »

A View Of The City

April 19, 2006
Day 203

This morning I went to the tourism office to find out what to do in Montevideo. When I was here during my cruise, I basically just walked up and down the shore for a few hours, so today I wanted to do some more touristic things. I was given… Read More »

Finally In Uruguay

April 18, 2006
Day 202

The day of going to Uruguay had finally come. I had to get up really early this morning to start out my trip with a bus ride to Tigre. I know, you're thinking, "Not there again!" but that's just where the ferry left from. The bus dropped me off,… Read More »