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Bouldering at Governor Dodge

I made a quick trip to Governor Dodge State Park, about an hour from Madison, with the Hoofer Mountaineering Club for some bouldering on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon. We started at the Backbone, a beautiful wall with dozens of problems ranging in difficulty from V0 to… Read More »

Bouldering at Rib Mountain

I headed up on Sunday with some folks in the Hoofers Mountaineering Club to go bouldering at Rib Mountain in Wausau, WI. Rib Mountain was closed to bouldering in 2003, but was just reopened a few weeks ago, so we were excited to check it out.

The boulders were right next to the lookout Read More »

Bouldering at Governor Dodge

I met a couple of friends last week for an afternoon of bouldering at Governor Dodge State Park. For the uninitiated, bouldering is climbing without a rope, but you use a mattress called a “crash pad” in case you fall. Most boulder “problems” are only 10-15 feet high, but sometimes they can be 20 feet… Read More »