On to Puno

November 2, 2005
Day 35

After waking up and packing up all of my stuff, I said goodbye to Cusco this morning. I had been in the area for almost two weeks, so it felt good to move on.

The bus ride to Puno was really long and slow. I went during the day because I thought it would only take six hours, but it actually ended up taking eight. The bus kept moving extremely slowly, like 20 MPH down the open road. I knew we were on a slight incline, but I still didn't understand why we would be going so slowly. Then I saw a sign that listed our altitude: 4100 meters (13,451 feet). I didn't even realize they had roads that high! Cusco sits at 3300 meters (10,827 feet), so I guess the incline was a little steeper than I thought. After spending most of my day in the bus, I finally arrived in Puno.

As soon as I got into town, I found a place to stay and set up a tour of the islands of Lake Titicaca for the next two days. I will be staying in a local islander's house overnight, so it should be an interesting experience. I will continue to Copacabana, Bolivia on Saturday.

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5 thoughts on “On to Puno

  1. Urrv

    I am enjoying your blog immensely. Your pictures are excellent and really capture the surroundings and culture. I have been reading your updates regularly and I have actually looked at ALL of your pictures. I was amazed at the ruins you saw in your first few weeks, but I was blown away by Machu Picchu. Soak up all of the info and culture you can – so whenever it is you come back to the States you can share your experiences with us.

    Party on Dude.

  2. Rohit

    Wow... looks like I have lot of reading to do.

    I second Urrvs opinion however

    One thing which I am curious about and you have not at all talked about it

    1) what people(hostel and places you visit) think of US of A?
    2) What people think of George Bush
    3) Iraq war comes to discussion?
    4) Any regrets, yet
    5) Any light bulb or aha moments? something like intresting thats what they do because....(I agree may be I overread some of this, but some stuff you run into that is just different and you will remember)


    (just some stuff on top of my brain)

  3. Andrea

    Rohit asked some good questions. I'm interested to hear the answers. You must be on your way to Bolivia today, I hope you had a good trip. My excitment today was that I finally learned how to play uecher. I'm not sure if that's how you spell or not. I'm all caught up on the blog, but unlike Urrv, I have not looked at all your pictures yet. I'll 'talk' to you soon.


  4. Jim

    Machu Picchu must translate to "marvalous pictures" because they certainly were. Thanks Dan

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